Applesauce cake

Applesauce cake



I utilized butter as an alternative of shortening. It was flawlessly softened but it would not integrate the way the recipe had it additional. Next time I want to whip the butter up separately like with most cake recipes. There was as well much nutmeg for our personalized taste and I had even went a tiny scant on it.

Extremely pleasing. We ate it warm. Some had ice cream with it and other people employed whipped cream. I was delighted that those that never notably care for nuts and/or raisins appreciated it as well. Some commented about it needing a longer baking time. I had planned to bake it for 45 minutes but I was hectic sewing and it ended up in for 47 minutes and it was perfect.

I created this for our annual family picnic a few days in the past. I’ nevertheless obtaining rave testimonials about it. My son-in-law advised my daughter that it beat his preferred cake that his mother helps make!I will make it once again for the holidays incorporating cream cheese icing.The only modify I made was using mini semisweet chocolate chips and golden raisins.The texture and flavors were best.I consider the cake is better eaten chilled.Awesome!

I used homemade unsweetened applesauce and 1 cup whole wheat flour. It was moist and full of yummy taste. Entire wheat gives it that further grit. Yum Yum!

a nice previous fashioned cake- moist, dense. I utilized home canned applesauce- and it took about 15-20 min longer to bake. Perhaps it had as well much moisture? DH was not a fan of the cake, so to each their own. I discovered that I do not like chocolate combined with the spices. but that is just me-other people may possibly really like it.

I just had this cake today, what a treat

THANK YOU to the man or woman that posted this recipe!!

This recipe is also a keeper and I have utilised this recipe with some changes to it! I additional 1/eight cup flour when mixing in the raisins and chocolate chips. Also, I located that vegetable or canola functions just as well as shortening-I will use both. I DID discover that when I first produced this cake, I required to allot More baking time! Since then, I have baked this cake 45 minutes to really make confident that the cake is completely baked! Other than that, I’ll use this recipe when I want to make an applesauce cake! I also use normal unsweetened applesauce in location of the regular applesauce and it has worked just as nicely for me! Thank you,Marian Platt, for this recipe! Dawn E. Lowenstein

This cake rapidly became a favored for loved ones and company get-togethers! I have created it for years. I use unsweetened applesauce, which does not have an effect on the completed solution. Cutting back the quantity of ground cloves a bit may appeal to some folks.

Outstanding cake! My family is not huge on raisins or cloves so I left them out and substituted pecans rather of walnuts. Extremely yummy!Dee