Cornbread dressing

Cornbread dressing

Buttery Cornbread Dressing LOADED with flavour! Deliciously moist, light and fluffy with a ideal crispy, golden crust.

Every Thanksgiving table has a plate of stuffing or cornbread dressing with Roast Turkey, Gravy and ALL the meals! Produced with optional sage sausages, onions, celery, homemade cornbread and delicious fresh herbs.

With Thanksgiving is just around the corner, the emails coming in asking for sides and recipes are extremely real right now! Our dressing is so extraordinary, we normally stand at the oven eating it straight out of the pan before it hits the table.

Even although there are a lot of diverse techniques to make cornbread dressing, this recipe is our loved ones favourite.

What makes this recipe stand out? The addition of sage sausages, mushrooms and green bell peppers include even a lot more texture and flavour to our dressing!


Very first, you require to use a good cornbread recipe. We have two on our site that we adore to use:

Out of time or want to simplify your holidays? Make the cornbread ahead of time or use shop purchased cornbread. We put together and bake our cornbread the day prior to cooking. Day outdated (or even two-day outdated) gives the Greatest texture and flavour!

One more option is to bake it earlier, (up to a month in advance) and freeze it until finally you’re prepared to cook! Just bear in mind to thaw it out fully ahead of cooking.

Typical white bread (or dinner rolls) are mixed via with the cornbread to aid create the greatest base for this dressing. Both breads soak in the outstanding flavours released from the herbs, butter and aromatics. It all comes together in the oven, baked until a golden crust kinds above the prime although staying deliciously moist on the within!


Up till current years, stuffing has been cooked within a roast turkey in many households, even though dressing is normally cooked separately outside of the bird. But in the South, cooks contact it dressing no matter how it’s ready or what the substances.

In accordance to the United States Division of Agriculture, you can safely cook stuffing within of your turkey. Nonetheless, stuffing generally adds a lot more cooking time to your turkey which will dry out the meat. Both are now typically cooked individually in baking dishes.

We enjoy to serve both to provide a assortment at the table and maintain absolutely everyone happy!


Completely! All of the ingredients can be mixed together — poured into your baking dish and covered with foil. Refrigerate until you are prepared to bake. We put together ours the day just before cooking — sometimes the morning of — dependent on in which we are celebrating and how a lot we cooking we have to do on the day.

Take it out of the fridge at least 30 minutes prior to cooking to consider the chill out. Then continue on with the recipe.


Dried fruit: cranberries, apricots, dates, raisins, cherries (about 1 cup).
Toasted nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans (about one/2 cup).
Fresh fruit: chopped apples, pears (1 fruit, seeded and chopped).
Other herb alternatives: rosemary, chives, mint, cilantro.

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