Cranberry relish

Cranberry relish

A single of my favorite things to make for Thanksgiving and the holidays is raw cranberry relish. There’s no cooking involved, just using a grinder or a foods processor to grind up and combine together raw cranberries, tart green apples, a big seedless orange, and sugar.

It’s amazing how excellent it is! Great with roast turkey, or for leftovers on turkey sandwiches.

The sugar balances the organic tartness of the raw cranberries, and helps the mixture macerate, releasing juices that bind every thing collectively. The recipe is as sweet as you want it to be. 2 cups of sugar will yield a extremely sweet result. 1 cup considerably less so.

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Cranberry Relish Recipe

You can use either a grinder (an previous fashioned a single or a KitchenAid attachment) or a food processor to grind up the relish. We favor using a grinder to a meals processor since a grinder does a better occupation smooshing the cranberries, orange, and apples collectively even though it cuts them up. But both way will work.


1 Prepare your grinder: If you are employing an outdated fashioned grinder, use the medium-sized grinder plate and set the grinder on the edge of a table with a massive bowl or pan to catch the fruit mix as it is ground. Old fashioned grinders tend to leak juice down the grinder base, so you may possibly want to set up a bowl underneath to catch the drips.

If you do not have an old fashioned grinder, you can use the grinder attachment to a KitchenAid mixer, or you can use a food processor. If you use a food processor, be mindful not to in excess of-pulse! Or you are going to have mush rather of relish.

You can also just chop quite finely by hand, but that’s difficult, especially with the cranberries.

two Push fruit through grinder: Push the cranberries, orange sections, and apple slices through the grinder. Contain the orange peel! Alternate the fruit as you push it by means of the grinder so that distinct fruits get ground together. If you do not have a grinder, pulse fruit in a foods processor.

3 Include sugar: Stir in the sugar. (Start off with much less than a cup and maintain incorporating one/four cups until finally you attain your preferred level of sweetness.) Allow sit at space temperature until finally the sugar dissolves, about 45 minutes. Store in the fridge until prepared to use.

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