Flour tortilla recipe

Flour tortilla recipe

Soft, tender Homemade Flour Tortillas are deliciously versatile and a remarkably effortless recipe with just 5 simple substances!

Have you ever produced your personal homemade tortillas prior to? It might sound intimidating, but they’re really super simple to make with just five simple ingredients.

How to Make Flour Tortillas with no Lard

Corn tortillas may be the “original,” but I have to admit that I’ve usually had a soft spot in my heart for flour tortillas. And whilst classic flour tortillas are produced with lard, I understand that most of you almost certainly don’t maintain that ingredient on hand or probably prefer not to use it. I typically make my flour tortillas with butter, but vegetable shortening will also work. Aside from your unwanted fat of decision, all you’ll require is flour, salt, baking powder, and water. It usually amazes me that this kind of straightforward substances can yield such yummy results!

How to Make Flour Tortillas

As I do with a lot of of my favourite recipes — from pie crust to shortbread to scones — I depend on my trusty foods processor to effortlessly whip out these Homemade Flour Tortillas. Nevertheless, don’t allow that stop you from producing them if you don’t have a meals processor…you can definitely throw them collectively by hand! It’s just a matter of blending the ingredients and kneading the dough.

Then comes the trickiest element (at least for me)…rolling. The rolling in itself is not challenging, mind you. The facet I have a tough time with is rolling my tortillas into real, round-ish circles. Even so, I will say that this endeavor gets less complicated with practice. I will also share that if your tortilla ends up with a random, Florida-shaped appendage, you have my permission to trim it off with a knife (and nobody will ever be the wiser!). But if you pick to leave it, I can assure you that nobody has ever turned down a soft, warm, fresh-from-the-skillet flour tortilla due to the fact that it wasn’t properly symmetrical.

While you’re functioning on reaching your circular tortillas, the only variable you’ll need to worry about has to do with how thin or thick you prefer them. This recipe will yield a dozen really thin flour tortillas, about 10 common tortillas, or about eight thick ones. How thin you roll your tortillas will also determine how long you’ll require to cook them on every side so that they continue to be soft but aren’t also doughy on the inside.

Basically, flour tortillas are quite darn effortless to make. But the very first time you attempt them, you will probably require to experiment just a bit to figure out the right temperature and cooking time based mostly on your stove. I cook my tortillas in a large stainless steel skillet. Nonetheless, you can use cast iron or even nonstick if you desire. And when I make tortillas, I usually double this recipe, since it takes only slightly longer to whip up twice as numerous tortillas when the meals processor is previously dirtied up.

Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas?

If you’d like to make homemade flour tortillas in bulk for future use, they in fact freeze genuinely nicely. That currently being said, it’s critical to separate each flour tortilla with a piece of wax paper or foil so that they don’t freeze together in one particular huge lump. When separated, tightly wrap the stack of tortillas in foil and then spot in a freezer-thickness plastic baggie. Freeze for up to 6 months.

To thaw, pop the bag into the fridge for a day or two. You can also reheat your tortillas prior to serving. Merely area a number of of them on a plate, cover with a damp paper towel, and microwave for 2o to 30 seconds. Or spot individual tortillas in a warm pan for a number of seconds, flipping with tongs.

So who’s prepared for some Easy Homemade Flour Tortilla making. Whether you’ve received tacos or burritos on the menu, or no matter whether you simply prepare to slather your tortillas with butter or dip them in salsa, you can’t go incorrect. I hope these are a hit with your crew! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve acquired a stack of warm tortillas and a vat of queso calling…

Useful Guidelines & Tricks

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