Peach dump cake

Peach dump cake

A fantastic easy dessert from my friend’s mother. Fresh Peach Dump Cake aka Peach Delight is so easy to make and perfect for any event.

There’s absolutely nothing like the taste of fresh peaches in the summer season. Even though we have been on vacation in South Carolina I produced sure to take benefit of the freshest peaches and make my friend’s Peach Delight recipe.

This recipe came from her mother and it’s a dump cake recipe.

What’s a Fresh Peach Dump Cake?

If you haven’t heard of this, a dump cake is simply a cake that you make by dumping a couple of components into 1 pan and baking it. Simple, proper?

The unique recipe uses a huge can of diced peaches, but for this fresh peach dump cake, I use fresh peaches especially if they are in season. I did include a tiny sugar and water to mimic the syrup from the can so that there is enough liquid for the cake mix to absorb.

You need adequate peaches to cover the bottom of the pan. This is a normal 9 x 13 glass baking pan.

Then layer your cake mix and butter slices. That seems like a whole lot of butter, huh. Just remember you are not adding any oil or eggs to the recipe.

Ok it’s a small dull searching on face worth which is why you will want to serve it with whip cream and a peach slice.

It’s nice and dense, and the fresh peaches add a great fresh and tart flavor that works genuinely well with the cake.

I adore this fresh peach dump cake is excellent for getaway simply because you don’t need to have any fancy equipment and really number of elements. Plus it tends to make a good 18 – 24 servings. Just the right sum for our big household.

Fresh Dump Cake Variation Tips:

I don’t consider apples give off sufficient juice. You could heat them on the stove but that would add an additional step.

Attempt combining two fruits with each other. I believe blueberries pair properly with peaches. I even produced a blueberry peach cobbler making use of sugar cookie dough. Yet another easy and extremely tasty dessert.

P. S. Another excellent dessert that makes use of fresh fruit is my Cranberry Pear Galette, that is excellent in the fall. And there is my mom’s Dutch Apple Pie which makes use of Granny Smith apples. You can usually find them in the retailer all yr round. See these and so numerous far more on my Recipes Page.