Pork chop marinade

Pork chop marinade

You don’t require mayo for a terrific Potato Salad! The secret is to marinate the potato so it sucks up flavour. This Lemon Potato Salad is vibrant, zesty and well seasoned. Great warm, at area temp, on the day and the day following!

For a healthful creamy substitute, consider this Potato Salad with a no-mayo Creamy Potato Salad Dressing OR no-mayo Creamy Lemon Dressing!

I realised it’s been far as well lengthy given that I shared a potato recipe and had to rectify that right away.

Plus I wished to share something super basic soon after performing Biryani on Friday. There’s no doubt that one particular of the factors that I love the most about my work is creating the a lot more demanding recipes. The entire process from start off to finish – beginning with study, developing, testing it more than and over yet again, photographing, filming, editing the video, reading and responding to remarks and queries.

Let me clarify, “research” includes going to restaurants for taste testing. It’s a challenging, challenging gig….

BUT! The post taste testing part is actually very challenging function – so I need to share some thing super simple right now to recover! So today’s recipe is a easy, bright, no-mayo Lemon Potato Salad.


There’s nothing at all more disappointing than biting into a generous sized piece of potato with any variety of dressing – mayo or non mayo – only to locate the inside of the potato tastes of absolutely nothing more than unseasoned potato.

Remedy: Douse your potatoes with dressing even though hot. They act as a sponge and suck up all the flavour. It’s SO Excellent you almost don’t want to add any other dressing to it!

NO MAYO POTATO SALADS are in hot demand!

Although I have a massive soft spot for the classic Creamy Potato Salad which is in great demand around holiday season, I make this no-mayo Lemon Potato Salad far much more usually all through the 12 months. It’s especially in wonderful demand by my close friends, most of whom are anti-mayo for various factors.

There’s lots of variations and add-in prospects, I’ve shared a couple of in the recipe notes. Just don’t skip the marinating! I guarantee it’s really worth it. – Nagi x

PS I’ve known as it a Lemon Potato Salad, and lemon flavour you shall get. It’s not the juice – that’s just sour. The lemon flavour is in the zest. So if you want a lemon flavoured potato salad, don’t skip the zest!