Roasted green beans

Roasted green beans

Roasted Green Beans are a delightful vacation side dish, roasted in olive oil, garlic and parmesan, then baked with cheese until finally melted and bubbling!

The perfect side dish to serve along with your turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy! The bonus? Roasted Green Beans are reduced carb, Keto accredited and amazingly delicious!

Green Bean Recipe

The simplest way to get green veggies into your diet program is roasting them. Throw them on a baking sheet or tray and letting the oven function it’s thing! It doesn’t get any less difficult.

Not everyone’s a fan of these green stalks! Coming up with ways for absolutely everyone to appreciate them can be a nightmare. That’s in which this roasted green beans recipe comes in! You’re only 5 principal components away from having the very best green beans of your life.

We make this recipe all the time — at least as soon as a week to go with our Roast Chicken or Pork.

The wonderful factor about this recipe is that it requires nearly no prep time, making it one particular of the easiest side dishes on our web site!


With minimal substances, these oven roasted green beans are prepared in no time at all.


Roasted green beans only consider about thirty minutes to come with each other — including prep!

1st things 1st, season with olive oil, parmesan, garlic, salt and pepper before roasting them in the oven till tender-crisp (about twenty minutes). The parmesan will get so crispy and golden that you’d be forgiven for stopping right here!

After your green beans are fork tender, top with mozzarella and broil (or grill) till the cheese is scorching, melted and bubbling on the prime.

Taste check and season with a small additional salt and pepper if they need to have it!


This recipe has so much flavour without fully wiping out the flavour of green beans. I mean…olive oil, garlic, parmesan and mozzarella compliment anything at all. Am I proper?

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