Stuffed pepper soup

Stuffed pepper soup



  1. In a huge stock pot brown ground meat. Drain excess fat and include pepper and onion. Cook right up until onion is translucent, not letting them brown.
  2. Include tomatoes, tomato sauce, broth, thyme, sage and season with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for thirty to 45 minutes, until finally peppers are tender.
  3. In an additional saucepan boil two cups water, and include rice. Cook till rice is tender and then add to soup. Heat soup by means of and serve.

A hearty beef and barley soup loaded with loads of veggies.

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>By: Jennifer Anderson

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I considered I would save some time by merely including the rice to the soup & letting it cook in the broth. it absorbed all the liquid, and the recipe is not soup any longer! It turned out more like a stew.

Was pretty good but I like my Stuffed Pepper Casserole greater.

I thought I’d conserve some time by merely adding the rice to the soup & letting it cook in the broth. it absorbed all the liquid, and the recipe is not soup anymore! It turned out much more like a stew.

Wonderful stuff! If I could give this 10 stars, i would. I manufactured a couple of changes and it came out tasting precisely like stuffed peppers. I did not use sage,my viewpoint is sage does not belong in this .

Such an Awesome recipe!! I add a minor twist to mine even though. Even even though I cook my rice 1st prior to including it to the combine, I do locate there is really a bit of absorption of the juice, taking aw.

My husband very first tasted stuffed pepper soup in a resturant and we the two loved it. I checked and located this one and come to feel like I hit a jackpot. It is not only extremely simple to put together bu.

Wonderful taste and filling dinner. This is a excellent recipe a rapid throw-collectively dinner. I usually have all the ingredients on hand. I did add one a lot more bell pepper and omitted the sage (just do.

This was truthfully the greatest I have had in a extended time. Hubby is a foods snob, and nevertheless loved it! In truth. has asked for it twice since we had it the very first time about a month in the past!! Thanks!!