White chicken chili

White chicken chili

I’ve been generating this White Chicken Chili for Years. I consider it was actually my 1st Crock Pot recipe I’ve ever made It’s super creamy, filling and pairs Flawlessly with the cornbread crisps from Trader Joe’s! ALSO, considering about switching to Slow Cook Sunday’s and making Trader Joe’s Monday’s a thing. What do you guys think?!

White Chicken Chili

Servings eight servings



Add all elements to the slow cooker.

Leading with cream cheese. Trader Joe’s provides a “light” cream cheese with less excess fat and calories, but I opted for standard considering that the elements were significantly cleaner!

Cook on high for 3-four hours or reduced for 7-8, stirring as soon as every single hour or so.

Shred the chicken, add a single cup of kale (de stemmed), and season to taste.

Prime with green onion, jalapeo, avocado, Greek yogurt, cornbread crisps or tortilla chips and some mozzarella cheese.