Yellow squash recipes

Yellow squash recipes

Baked Parmesan Yellow Squash Rounds…an easy and delightful squash recipe requiring just two ingredients: yellow squash and grated Parmesan!

A single of my most popular recipes each and every summer is my Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds and this summertime has been no exception, as that recipe had appreciated some viral traffic in current weeks.

On one particular hand, it tends to make me laugh, simply because that recipe is SO straightforward (only two components!) that it practically doesn’t qualify as a recipe and I virtually never ever posted it. On the other hand, I totally understand how the recipe goes crazy every summer, simply because not only is it super straightforward to make, but it’s also fully addictive. It’s significantly my favored way to eat zucchini. In truth, I can polish off entire pan of Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds in no time flat! But however, my family members loves ’em, also, so I’m generally forced to share.

With its most latest surge in acceptance, I obtained a few comments asking if that zucchini squash recipe could be converted into a yellow squash recipe — AKA, summer squash. And the truth is, I’d by no means attempted Baked Parmesan Yellow Squash Rounds before, since (1.) it’s difficult for me to think that the zucchini version of this recipe could be enhanced on, and (2.) I normally only care for yellow squash when it’s cooked in extremely particular techniques (consider cheesy, cracker-topped, baked Southern Squash Casserole).

But the query intrigued me, and so I made a decision to give Baked Parmesan Yellow Squash Rounds a go. And Y’ALL…why did I in no way consider them prior to. Not only was this squash recipe every single bit as tasty as its zucchini cousins, but it was equally addictive, also! As quickly as I finished taking these photos, my 7-yr-outdated, my husband, and I stood about the plate and polished off every final one of these suckers (we grabbed them with our fingers and I’m not even sorry). It was like the very best kind of appetizer, and I admit to feeling just a tad smug that the three of us downed two complete, nutritious yellow squashes in a matter of minutes.

How to Cook Yellow Squash

It’s difficult to believe that a recipe requiring just two straightforward substances could be so yummy. But it is…and it’s super straightforward to make, also! Just lower your yellow squash into slices that are no much more than one/4-inch thick (remembering that they’ll shrink in diameter and thickness as they bake), organize them on a baking sheet, and sprinkle them with salt and pepper (I actually like to use garlic salt for extra taste). Then use a little spoon to leading every single piece of squash with a mound of freshly-grated Parmesan cheese. Bake right up until the squash is soft and the cheese is melted and bubbly. You can even broil them for a minute or two at the finish to get that cheese nice and golden brown, which is what I like to do (just view them cautiously so they don’t burn!).

Variety of Parmesan for this Squash Recipe

Now, I’m going to inevitably get inquiries about the Parmesan cheese that can be utilised for this recipe. My recommendation is to use freshly-grated Parmesan. You can either grate it by yourself or get it currently-grated from the cheese counter area of your grocery shop. I come to feel like true grated Parm is going to melt more smoothly and result in the best flavor and texture.

That being said, if you want to try out utilizing real shredded Parmesan, just be ready for melting and browning that may possibly seem different than what you see in these pics. And if you choose to use the contents of that ubiquitous green shaker can…well, don’t hold me accountable if it doesn’t melt at all.

So who’s ready to really like yellow summertime squash far more than you’ve ever loved it just before? (Or at least like it in the occasion that you hated it before…) These Baked Parmesan Yellow Squash Rounds are my new preferred summer side. In reality, I’m kicking myself that I by no means believed to consider them prior to. But lucky for me, at least now I can make up for lost time…